Suede Bling Cat Collar with Rhinestone Bow in Sky Blue

Suede Bling Cat Collar with Rhinestone Bow in Sky Blue

Now your furry friend can look like the 'Best in Show' all the time!



Check out this beautiful soft suede bling cat collar featuring a gorgeous central bow. It comes with a bell and safety elastic. very much the "in" thing for the pampered puss.

  • Beautiful soft but durable double thickness suede, this collar isn't going to wear out in a hurry saving you money and time lost buying another.
  • Safety elastic for a quick escape if kitty gets snagged; means peace of mind for you.. even indoor cats can get caught by their collars!
  • Very cute central crystal studded bow in a lovely sky blue.
  • A bell means the wildlife will be safe if your kitty is a bit of a hunter. You'll have peace of mind knowing you're doing your bit to keep the local wildlife safe. AND.. you'll always be aware of what they might be up to indoors.
  • Comfortable collar width of just 1cm means this suede bling cat collar won't be annoying or irritating for your cat to wear... one happy cat means one happy owner!
  • It's fully adjustable for neck sizes from 20cms to 27cms so you'll be able to fit the collar comfortably.. you'll have peace of mind knowing your cat is happy to keep this collar on.

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