Retractable Dog Leash Lead Heavy Duty 5m Lockable 50kg Weight pink blue black

Retractable Dog Leash Lead Heavy Duty 5m Lockable 50kg Weight pink blue black

Now your furry companion can look like the "Best In Show" every time you take them out!


Give your pooch some room to move with this 5m retractable dog lead. it comes in 5 great colours and will be fine for dogs up to 50kg.

Nowadays everyone likes to get out and walk their pooch, but as responsible pet owners, we all know how important it is to keep them restrained and under control. 

Retractable leashes provide freedom of movement, adding a level of enrichment to their time out, combined with recall control if you pup becomes distracted and doesn't respond when you call.

They are great as a training tool too, allowing you to practise "sit and stay" as well as "come" more successfully. This will make your training sessions much more successful.

The lock control also allows you to play out just as much leash as you want without needing both hands to do it.  A quick press and the leash is locked in place... another press and it is released.

The 5m length of this retractable leash is ideal to let your pup explore, play, and walk easily, whilst still allowing you to spot potential hazzards and recall your dog quickly before things get out of hand. This will make your walks relaxing for both you and your pup.

This leash will hold up to a 50kg dog.  The tape is strong and the clips are sturdy too.  The casing is made from ABS plastic, so this is a quality lead that will last.

I really like the handle grip on this leash. It is comfortable in the hand and the surface makes for a good solid grip when you need it.

Team this leash with one of our treat pouches and you'll have the essentials for a great training session or outing with your favourite doggie companion.
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