Puppy Pet Dog Treat Snack Food Pouch Training Obedience Free How To Guide

Puppy Pet Dog Treat Snack Food Pouch Training Obedience Free How To Guide

Now your furry companion will act like the "Best In Show" every time you take them out!

Check out this very snazzy pet treat pouch.  They're a great help when you are out and about or training your furry friend.

As dog owners and trainers, we can't stress enough the benefits of using positive reinforcement to teach your pup good behaviour.  One of the best methods is through the use of treats as rewards. These treat pouches make it so easy, whether you are only in your backyard training, or out and about.

This treat bag is one of my favourites and here's why:-
  • Easy to clip on belt clip. Makes for ease of use.
  • The poop bag holder and port for dispensing bags makes it easy be a responsible pet owner when you are walking your pup and he's just gotta 'go'.
  • The compact size is great for backyard training times, or for outings to the park.
  • This pouch makes rewarding good behaviour so easy.  Timing is everything when you are teaching a new behaviour and you can have a treat out and ready quickly.
  • the drawstring closure on the pouch keeps everything secure when not needed.
  • Oxford cloth outer is durable and lightweight and the waterproof lining is easy care and washable.
  • This pouch is a great size at 13cm x 13cm x 6cm. Lots of holding capacity but still lightweight and easy to wear.
  • We are also including our Free Hints & Tips Guide to get you training your pet the right way.

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