Pet pee pads, reusable, washable,absorbant, 3 sizes

Pet pee pads, reusable, washable,absorbant, 3 sizes

Now your furry companion will "go potty" in comfort!


Trying to toilet train a puppy?  We feel your pain!
Got an elderly pooch who can't always make it outside?  We know how that goes too.

Here's a solution you might like to try


If you've got pets then you know how difficult it can be to get them to "go" where they are supposed to.  Whether it's an elderly dog or a new puppy, these reusable, absorbant pee pads might be just what you are looking for.

Made of a breathable outer layer, absorbant innver layers and a waterproof backing, they are a great solution for animals who need to toilet indoors.  Pop one into the cage of a convalescing dog, into the pen with a litter of puppies, or into an out of the way spot for an elderly pooch and you're good to go.
Once done, just throw it into the wash for a quick clean and it's ready to go again.  We suggest getting at least a couple of these, so that you always have one in use and one ready to go.

To help with the toilet training, we're also including out handy hints and tips sheet to get you off on the right foot.



Super absorbant
Soft and comfortable underfoot
Non slip backing

Material:- Polyester & PVC
Size S. 40cm x 60cm, M. 70cm x 80cm. L 80cm x 90cm
Patterns 5 cute patterns (paws & bones, bones and dogs & bones

Package Contains 1 x pee pad
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