Pet Medicine Water Syringe Tablet Pill Popper Dispenser

Pet Medicine Water Syringe Tablet Pill Popper Dispenser

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No more bitten fingers!


Make giving your pets their medication easy with this handy pill popper. 


You've gotta admit it, some pets are just so hard to give medication to!  They struggle, throw their head around and.. then there's those teeth trying to bite you. It's not a job for the faint hearted.


So give yourself (and your fingers) a break and get yourself a pet pill popper.  They do make the chore so much easier.


The handy plunger pulls back and sucks the tablet or capsule to the tip so you can hold it firmly.. and at a safe distance from those chomping teeth.

The elongated shape makes it easier to get the tablet right in behind the back teeth and over the tongue making it less likely they will spit the medication back out. No more dissolving sticky tablets and waste!


Just a quick press on the plunger and the tablet is dispensed quickly and before they know it, they've swallowed! What a relief!


Save yourself and your pet some stress and make medicine time easier. it will even dispense liquids, making it doubly useful.


Every pet home really needs one of these!

Dimensions  15cm x 6cm