Nylon Side Clip Dog Collar in 8 colours and 4 sizes

Nylon Side Clip Dog Collar in 8 colours and 4 sizes

Now your furry companion can look like the "Best In Show" every time you take them out!


This listing is for a very practical nylon collar in 7 gorgeous colours and 4 sizes! Very much the "in" thing for the pampered pet.
  • Made from soft but durable nylon, this collar will last for ages. You'll be saving yourself time and money.
  • A very practical collar in 9 fashionable colours. you'll find one that blends beautifully with their fur colouring. You'll be rapt with the look. Choose from red, dark green, blue, black, aqua, grey, brown and bright pink.
  • The collar comes in 4 different sizes XS, S, M and L. Please check our measurement and sizing chart to make sure you get the right fit.


Size                         Neck                          Width

XS                    20-30cm                             1cm

S                       30-45cm                             1.6cm

M                      35-50cm                             1.9cm

L                       40-55cm                             2.5cm


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