Nylon Cat Collar with Paw Print Design

Nylon Cat Collar with Paw Print Design

Now your furry friend can look like the 'Best in Show' all the time!


Want something pretty for your kitty to wear?

Are you looking for something different but still want them to remain safe?

Would you really love your furry friend to look well loved and pampered?


Well, read on! We've got just what you're looking for.


Isn't this just the cutest little nylon cat collar! It features a cute paw print design. It comes with a bell and in 10 fashionable colours. very much the "in" thing for the pampered puss.


  • Made from soft woven nylon, this collar is just perfect for those special furry friends of ours.
  • It features a breakaway buckle for a quick escape if kitty gets snagged. That's peace of mind for you as even indoor cats can get caught by their collars!
  • We love the very cute kitty shaped breakaway buckle and it's in 10 colours so you're sure to find one that blends beautifully with your cats fur colouring. You'll be rapt with the look. Just choose from red, green, yellow, pale pink, hot pink, sky blue, blue, lavender, purple or black.
  • The matching bell will help keep the wildlife safe if your kitty is a bit of a hunter. AND.. you'll always be aware of what they might be up to indoors.
  • The comfortable collar width of just 1cm means this nylon cat collar won't be annoying or irritating for your cat to wear. One happy cat and one happy owner!
  • This collar adjusts for neck sizes from 15 to 30cms. Please measure carefully before buying, so you'll be able to fit the collar comfortably. You'll be assured your cat is happy to keep this collar on
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