Female Dog Diapers Nappy Puppy Training Pants Washable XS Small Medium Large

Female Dog Diapers Nappy Puppy Training Pants Washable XS Small Medium Large

Has your puddy or pup got a peeing problem?


As breeders, we've had this problem at home before and we feel your pain! Having a pet that pees in places they shouldn't can not only be embarassing, it's downright annoying.  Whether it's because they're not quite got the idea of potty training, or they're elderly or ill.  You need a solution and quickly!

Give these doggy diapers a try.  We've found they are a great solution!


  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages, these female dog diapers will make their sanitary needs easier to deal with. Less stress on you and them.
  • It takes just a few seconds to put these on and adjust them snugly with the velcro closures.  You'll get a comforable fit every time.
  • The padded gusset means these pants have great water retention and you can add an extra layer by inserting a santiary pad if you want for extra protection.
  • These dog diapers are easy care, just throw them in the machine on a regular basis and they will be good to go again in no time. We suggest you buy a few pairs so that you never run short of clean ones to use.
  • Four convenient sizes.  Just check out our size chart so you get the right fit.
Dog Diaper Sizing Chart
XS 29CM 25CM 16CM
S 36CM 28CM 25CM
M 39CM 36CM 27CM
L 48CM 46CM 33CM


So when could you use these doggy pants?

  • If your pet is sick or injured and can't make it outside to toilet easily
  • If your pet is just learning to go potty.
  • If your pet is elderly
  • if your pet marks territory inappropriately.
  • To help prevent mating. (not a birth control method but can help)
Your pet deserves nothing but the best, so why not click that BUY button and get them something will work.


Go on, you know you want to!
I guarantee you'll just love them when you receive them.