Double Layer Non-Slip  Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat

Double Layer Non-Slip Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat

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VA material, light weight, easy to carry out.


Double Layer Cat Litter Catcher Mat

Cut clean up time in half with this very handy kitty litter catcher!

We all know (if we have cats that is) how far the smallest amount of spilled kitty litter seems to spread.. and there's nothing worse than standing on it with bare feet. Ouch!!

So maybe one of these will help save your clean time AND your sore feet.

Just place one under your litter tray and it will catch those spills when kitty "goes".

The double layer construction of this mat traps sand and pebble type litter between the layers holding it in place until you can tip it out.  It saves your litter bill because you can just tip the spilled litter back into the tray.  It saves your floors and carpets from ground in litter. and it saves your clean up time.
The waterproof base layer prevents urine leakage too for those cats that tend to rim sit or have poor aim.
The top layer of honeycomb EVA material which is soft underfoot.  All cats like to clean their paws after going and this will encourage them to do it close to the tray and not on your walls and furniture. 
Cleaning the mat is very simple too, just rinse under running water and you're done. 
There are plenty of different sizes to suit different situations.  Just pick one that suits the size of your litter tray and the area it needs to fit. Lots of colours too, so you're sure to find one that will suit your home perfectly.