Dog Socks Anti Slip Grip Puppy Socks Slippers

Dog Socks Anti Slip Grip Puppy Socks Slippers

Now your furry companion can look like the "Best In Show" every time you take them out!

Is your pup doing skiddies around the house on your floors?
Have you got an elderly pet who is having trouble keeping their paws under control?


These very cute doggy socks are just the solution for those uncontrollable skids your poor pooch is doing.  The anti-slip bottoms will help them stay upright and secure on all four paws!
  • Available in 4 sizes, these socks are great for elderely or convalescing pups who need a bit of extra paw protection.  They will keep paws warm and help keep them clean too.
  • Not only will they help protect sensitive paws, they will help to prevent sharp claws scratching your polished floors too... keeping them looking their best all the time.
  • These socks are made of cotton, so won't irritate sensitive skin and their design helps them stay up, so you won't be chasing odd discarded socks arond the house!
  • They come as a set of 4 and in 7 cute designs.  So you could grab a few designs have some on hand while the others are in the wash.
  • Being cotten, the socks are easy care too, just throw them in the wash on gentle cycle and they'll come out looking great.

How to measure for the right fit!
  • Stand your pup on a solid surface and place a piece of paper under the front paw.  (front paws are usually biger than back paws)
  • Draw around the paw, including the claws.
  • Measure the dimensions as shown on our diagram, then check our sizing chart.
  • Please make sure you do measure prior to ordering.


  • Sizing

    Size A B C
    S 2.5cm 6cm 3cm
    M 3cm 7.5cm 3.5cm
    L 3.5cm 9cm 4cm
    XL 4cm 11cm 4.5cm