Dog Car Safety Harness Restraint Seat Belt Lead Small Medium Large pink blue red

Dog Car Safety Harness Restraint Seat Belt Lead Small Medium Large pink blue red

Check out this very snazzy doggy car safety harness and seat belt attachment. It's a must have to keep your precious pooch safe whilst you travel.

Even if your dog is not a car fan, they will be in your vehicle at some point in time, even if it's only to go to the vet and what with accidents, excitable pets and the fact that an unsecured pet in your car is illegal... a car safety harness is an absolute necessity.

  • This car safety harness is suited to dogs of many sizes. It comes n 3 sizes and 5 colours, there is plenty of choice to suit your doggy friend. He can travel in style! Choose from red, black, blue, sky blue and bright pink.  Sizes are S (2.5 to 15kg), M (15 to 25kg) and L (25 to 45kg).
    Please check out our size chart to ensure a correct fit.
  • Made from double layer breathable mesh, it is lightweight yet strong, great for your pet's comfort and security.
  • The straps are fully adjustable, so you can fit the harness snugly and securely.
  • The car seat belt clip is a universal fitting and will fit any vehicle seat belt holder. Clip it in and leave it and you'll be good to go anytime you want to take your pooch for a ride.
  • The car seat belt attachment clips to the middle of the back to ensure that force is distributed evenly through the whole harness and not just at the neck.  so important in case of an accident.
  • Cut distractions!  There's nothing more distracting than an unsecured pooch who is racing around in the car.  Secure your pooch with our harness and seatbelt set so you can keep your focus where it should be.. on the road ahead.
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  • Sizing

    Small 35-45cm 40-50cm
    Medium 40-50cm 50-60cm
    Large 50-72cm 60-80cm