Cat Dog Grooming Glove Mitt Deshedding & Massage

Cat Dog Grooming Glove Mitt Deshedding & Massage

Now your furry friend can look like the 'Best in Show' every day


Does your pet hate the sight of a comb but he's shedding everywhere?

Is your house suffering from furry tumbleweeds?

Would you really love your furry friend to look well loved and pampered?


These grooming gloves are the perfect way for you and your furry friend to have some one on one time together. A good stroking massage for your pet which will have him relaxing whilst the bristles do the trick of gently combing tangles.
It will act to loosen and remove dead hair from the coat and at the same time will provide healthy stimulation for the skin by promoting better circulation. Your pet will be left with a softer shinier coat and will be much more relaxed and happy after a good grooming.
This is an excellent product for the nervous pet who doesn't like the sound of electric grooming products and, as touch is one of the best methods of calming, it will provide extra reassurance if your pet is a bit stressed.
The glove has widely spaced rubber bristles which are very easy to clear of hair and keep clean with just a quick rinse and flick dry. It is lightweight and easy to put on too with an adjustable wrist velcro fastening
How will using this grooming Glove on your pet help him and you?
  • Made in a glove for easy wear - makes grooming time easier for you and you'll have a less stressed pet!
  • Soft and flexible rubber bristles - won't harm or irritate your pet's skin, whilst giving a wonderful massage.. one relaxed pet and one happy owner!
  • The bristles also stimulate better circulation giving your pet healthier skin: less itching and scratching from dead skin cells and hair.
  • Helps to deshed loose and dead hair which your pet would normally leave all over the house! Less housework for you and that's gotta be a big plus.
  • Perfect for nervy pets. less stress for him means less stress for you
  • Less loose hair means your pet won't be ingesting as much when they groom. Less likelihood of hairballs forming means you won't be cleaning up those furry messes around the house as often
  • Easy to clean; saving you time cleaning up.
  • Adjustable wrist fastening for an easy fit, no struggling to keep this glove on your hand.

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