Bulk Dog Collars Puppy Litter Identification Breeders Rescues Mix Your C

Bulk Dog Collars Puppy Litter Identification Breeders Rescues Mix Your C

Now your litter can go to their new homes looking like the "Best In Show"

If you'd love your babies to look pampered, well cared for and loved then read on!


This very practical nylon collar is a great add on in any puppy pack. It features a snazzy reflective stripe design! Very much the "in" thing for the pampered pet.
  • Made from soft but durable nylon, this collar will last for ages. You'll be saving you time and money.
  • The little reflective stripe on this collar make it one for any small pet. You'll love it when it is on.
  • A very cute but practical collar in 14 fashionable colourways. Pink, Pale Pink, Blue, Sky Blue, Black, Lavender, Red, Grass Green, Yellow and Orange (with same colour buckle) pink, blue, red and green (with black buckle) You'll be rapt with the look. 
  • A bell makes finding your pups easy. You'll always be aware of what they might be up to indoors.
  • It has a comfortable collar width of just 1cm. So this paw print pet collar will be easy for your pups to wear. They'll be happy and so will you!
  • It's fully adjustable for neck sizes from 15cms to 28cms (please measure carefully before buying) so you'll be able to fit the collar comfortably. You'll have peace of mind knowing your pet is happy to keep this collar on.
  • This collar is lightweight and perfect as a first collar for little pups and will expand with them as they grow. Much easier on them and you!


How do I choose my colours?
1. Choose the amount of collars from our drop down list.
2. Fill in the field below with your list of colours from our choices.
If you need more than 12 collars, then please contact us!


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