Ants Off Ant Proof Feeding Table for Dogs Cats Small Pets

Ants Off Ant Proof Feeding Table for Dogs Cats Small Pets

Ants in your pet food?  Not anymore!


Is your pet refusing to eat because ants have invaded his food bowl?

Have you tried and tried to keep them out but they just keep coming back?


Well, read on! We've got just what you're looking for.

Ants Off pet feeding table is the ideal solution to keep ants out of your pet's food.
We've been using the Ants Off feeding tables in our cattery and home for ages now and have found them to be the best solution for keeping ants out of our kitty's food. This Australian designed and manufactured product has been brilliantly designed with great thought and attention to the needs of your pet.
Ergonomically designed to suit cats and up to medium sized dogs, it's great for senior pets who would prefer to sit rather than stand to eat. it promotes the best posture for eating and drinking with it's slightly elevated table top (7.5cms)

So how does it keep those ants away?

It's all in the legs! They are made with a cupped bottom which you fill with oil, talc or water (we recommend talc). The ants climb in, but can't climb out again.. leaving your pet's food ant free. Just top up the cups every few months. We use a syringe to fill ours, no mess that way.

Specially designed with low walls to keep the bowls in place during enthusiastic feeding.  You'll find that the table has ample room for two 18cm sized bowls or small food dispensers.
The table measures 375mm x 182mm to the bumpers and is 75mm high to the table top. So it will fit anywhere you can fit two bowls side by side.
Made from very durable materials, the table is easy to keep clean. Just a wipe down with a soft damp cloth is all you'll need. The legs even come off to make it easy to empty the cups at the bottom.
The Ants Off pet feeding table comes in 5 colours to suit most decors, so you can put it anywhere and it won't look out of place.

Here's what you can expect when you get your Ants Off feeding table

  • An Australian designed and manufactured product that is 100% guaranteed to work. Ant free kitty food and one happy pet and owner.
  • An ergonomic design that promotes healthy eating posture and is comfortable for senior pets to eat at. Peace of mind for you.
  • A table with specially designed bumpers to stop plates falling off, no spills mean no mess for you to clean up.. that's gotta be a plus!
  • Easy to clean and made of durable materials that will last, save yourself time and money.
  • 3 fashionable colours that will blend well with your decor.. it's nice to be able to colour co'ordinate. Choose from beige, fuchsia marble or grey marble.

Your pet deserves only the best so add one to your cart now. We guarantee you'll be glad you did.