200 Unscented Tie Handle Dog Waste Poop Bags

200 Unscented Tie Handle Dog Waste Poop Bags

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Clean Up Just got Easier!


When your dog has just gotta "go" You need something quick and easy to clean up the mess and be on your way. 


These doggy doo bags are the ideal solution for those times.


Made from thick heavy duty plastic, these bags will never leak.  (the alternative just doesn't bear thinking about!)


They are unscented and allergy free, great for those with skin and smell sensitivity.


The large size 20x 37cm are big enough for the most mountainous doggy doo, and the extra long handles are easy to tie up firmly, making disposal simple.


These bags are made with an antimicrobial additive making them more hygenic to use.

That's peace of mind for you.


The bags dispense directly from the back of the box, so convenient!


These biodegradeable bags are the best way to go, if he's gotta "go" 

So grab some for your car, bag or home today.