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Keeping Your Indoor Cat Amused Top Tips

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

The Indoor Cat Revolution

So you’ve made the decision to keep your precious cat indoors on a permanent basis. Well good for you! There are too many lost and injured cats each year. Too many heartbroken families. The risks to your cat’s life are increasing every year. What with increased traffic on the roads, roaming dogs and more people living in closer proximity to each other, it’s a wise move to keep your cat indoors. Not to mention that many councils are now enforcing very strict cat control laws.

Keeping them inside is one thing, but what do you do to keep your prowling kitty from scratching up your furniture, harassing your budgie and generally wreaking havoc around your home? 

Here are a few things you might like to try.

indoor cat on a scratch pole

This may be the largest (but best) investment you’ll make for keeping your indoor cat from using the furniture to sharpen its claws.  Cats just love to scratch and a scratching pole (usually covered in carpet or sisal) is absolutely ideal.  Just spray a little catnip on it to attract them to it and they’ll be using it in no time.  Buy one with plenty of sleeping platforms and they’ll love it even more.

The Kitty Lucky Dip.

Cats love to explore and to use their minds, so try this suggestion.  Cut holes in the top and sides of a large shoe box.  Make sure the holes are just smaller than a ping pong ball.  Place treats, small rattle toys and ping pong balls into the box along with a heavy weight to keep the box still.  Now tape the lid on.  Cats will spend hours trying to fish out the toys and treats while the ping pong balls will act as obstacles.  Great mental stimulation for your bored feline. Here are some great bulk toys for your box. Bulk Toys

Bring the outdoors in.

Why not plant some cat grass in a container in your family room.  Cats just love it and the extra green in their diet is very good for them.  Buy two and keep one outside so that you can switch it for the old one when it gets a bit chewed up.

Inexpensive toys.

Cats and especially kittens, love to chase things.  They have a strong hunting instinct so provide them with toys to stimulate and amuse them. Ping Pong balls are wonderful for this.  They roll easily, bounce well and are very inexpensive to buy, so it won’t matter if they lose a few under the furniture. We have plenty of toys in our shop, so check them out here.

Also try scrunched up paper in a cardboard box!  It will keep cats amused for ages!

Play with them yourself!

Yes, I know this sounds obvious, but cats just love the human interaction and it’s amazing how many people forget this simple fact.  Its good for them and great for you too.  Just remember that our hands are not toys, so make sure you use a teaser wand or other toy when playing. 

Now armed with the list above, your indoor cat will be amused for ages.

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