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Fleas, Ticks, Worm Prevention – Keeping a jump ahead

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Flea Free cat sniffs the leaves

Be consistent

It is very important that we don”t become complacent!  Worm infestations in our pets can strike at any time and it is always best to keep up heartworm prevention year round. Even indoor kitties should be treated consistently.  Any open door can let in mozzies and it is very easy for us to bring worms and fleas into the home on our clothes, shoes or with other pets who do venture outside.

So what is your kitty’s health routine like?  Are your pets covered? Here is a check list of what you should be doing as a minimum to keep your precious kitty healthy and happy.

Flea treatment.

This should be done monthly either with a tablet, spot on treatment, or for a longer effective period maybe a collar. You should choose the method you find most comfortable in using. There are a number of very effective flea treatments on the market.  Advantage for cats kills all life stages of fleas and is in an easy to administer spot on form.  If you are looking for a very fast treatment, then Capstar will kill adult fleas within 20 mins and will allow time for your monthly treatment to kick in.  However, if you would prefer a collar, then the new Seresto flea collars are effective for up to 8 months.  As with all treatments, it is very important that you choose the correct product for your pet. We provide images of all product labelling to help you check the suitability of each product we stock. It is also important to read the enclosed pamphlet.  If in doubt, then please consult your vet.

Worm treatment.

Your worming routine should never vary throughout the year. However, the warmer weather brings an explosion of new life to all species and that includes worms.  Round, hook and tapeworm infestations in your kitty can make them very ill, so make sure your pet is treated regularly.  Worm treatments come in 1 and 3 monthly dosages. These can be in the form of spot on or tablet treatments as well as worming pastes. Milbemax is a 3 monthly worming tablet that covers all three types of worms, whilst Profender is a 3 monthly treatment in a spot on form.  If you’d prefer a monthly treatmnet, then Revolution or Advocate covers round and hook worm, but also has flea treatment built in. They also cover mites and heartworm as well as helping with flea allergies which is a bonus.


For those kitties who go outdoors and are situated in a paralysis tick prone area, it is absolutely vital that they are treated with a preventative every fortnight.  Use Frontline spray.. it is the only proven effective tick treatment available for cats.  Also remember that products suitable for dogs may often be toxic to cats. Always check the labeling carefully.


Yes, cats get heartworm too!  So please make sure your kitty is covered. Heartworm infestation in both cats and dogs is very serious. Prevention is much better than the cure.  Use Advocate or Revolution monthly to prevent your kitty being at risk.  Obviously indoor kitties are less at risk as they are less exposed to mosquitoes that carry the parasites. However it is important that you still treat your indoor kitties too.

healthy cat licking

Now you have your kitty’s health routine in order.. you”ll have those nasties licked!

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