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Cat Tales – Sunday Showcase – Teena Green and Thunda

We all love our kitties and sometimes cats can do some really cute and funny things.  Things that we love to tell our friends about. Things that make us smile and laugh.  I’ve heard quite a few cat tales from customers and fellow kitty devotees over the years. So I’ve decided that featuring a story each week is one way of giving us all a little something to smile about.. and isn’t that all too rare nowadays.

Here is the first Sunday Showcase winner’s story by Teena Green with her story and pics of Thunda

Teena has one of my ex stud boys (and part of my heart for looking after him so well). However, you’ll see why I chose her story once you read it. Enjoy.

This is Thunda.  

Thunda ready for a belly rub This weeks cat tale

The first three months were pretty rocky. He hid under my bed and refused to come out other than to eat and go to the toilet. But he eventually figured out that me and TJ aren’t so bad. We’ve now moved into our forever home and have a Catmax enclosure built in the backyard – TJ spends most of her time out there sunning herself in the cat beds.

Thunda is always around me. Always. He’s either behind my head on the couch, at my feet, or sitting on the bed demanding a belly rub. Every night when I’m getting ready for bed he jumps into bed first and gets comfortable. I took this photo a couple of nights ago at 2am during a storm trying to calm him down with some belly rubs.

Last night we had a pretty bad storm and he was whimpering. There was a storm a year ago where I was holding him, and a massive crack of thunder hit and Thunda leapt out of my arms. My housemate was unfortunately sitting beside me and he got donkey kicked in the groin. I laughed, Jamie cried, Thunda whimpered, I kept laughing and now Jamie won’t go near Thunda during a storm anymore “just in case” (cause apparently an 8 kilo cat kicking you in the groin hurts. Who knew.) I love this giant fur ball. He’s my mate. ❤️

Thunda the subject of this weeks cat tale

Submit your story

Anyone can submit a cat tale to be considered for the Sunday showcase.  All you need to do is go to my Facebook page Kitty Kaperz, like the page, then pm me your cat tale along with a pic or two.  It can be funny/interesting/about their life.. anything you like.  The story will be considered for my Sunday Showcase and if chosen will be published one Sunday along with the pics on the FB page and on here.  Each chosen cat tale will be entered into the draw to win a $100 voucher to spend here in my store.  The winner to be drawn just prior to Christmas. Here’s the link to my Facebook page

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