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Cat Tales – Sunday Showcase – Robyn Dahl and Coco

We all love our kitties and sometimes cats can do some really cute and funny things. Things that we love to tell our friends about. Things that make us smile and laugh. Now I’ve heard quite a few cat tales from customers and fellow kitty devotees over the years. So I’ve decided to feature a cat tale each week. We all need a little something to smile about because that’s all too rare nowadays.

This weeks’ cat tale is about Coco told by her owner Robyn Dahl.

It was the 6th October 2009

Cat Tale Coco and Robyn

When I got up, I realised that I was actually rather uncomfortable. I had this excruciating pain beginning under my armpits and spreading across my chest through my boobs. It was as if I had been impaled on a spear.  I cleaned myself up and had a pee myself and then began to feel quite unwell. So I got my husband Gary, who was getting ready for work, to call an ambulance for me. I have never called an ambulance for myself before.

By this time, I was apparently quite grey in colour and Gary was very concerned. He was frantically trying to round up the cats and dogs to put them away before the ambulance arrived.  They got there very quickly thankfully, did all the checks and examinations that they had to do and attached me to a heart monitor.  Due to the layout of our house it was very tricky to get the stretcher into my bedroom, so the paramedics asked if I was able to walk to the trolley. Which I did.

Cardiac Arrest!

On lying on the trolley, I stated that I felt dizzy and faint then promptly had a cardiac arrest..!!! The paramedics whisked me into the ambulance and started CPR. The ambulance was still jumping up and down as it pulled out of the driveway with Gary and my daughter Emily watching on in total shock. They quickly woke my son Alex, and followed on to the hospital, not knowing if I was alive or dead.

Apparently the Ambos shocked me 5 times with the defibrillator and I finally responded. I woke up in the ambulance and indignantly asked why I had an airway up my nose. I didn’t believe them when they told me that I had arrested.

Onwards to The Prince Charles Hospital and I was met by about 20-30 people in the resus bay. They all attacked me from different angles doing their bit. Eventually they took me through to the cardiac catheter lab to have 2 x stents put into my heart to open the blocked artery.

Moral of the story….. If it wasn’t for my beautiful Coco, it is more than likely that my children would have found me dead in bed..!!!

Cat Tale Coco

Submit your story

You can submit a cat tale to be considered for our Sunday showcase.  Just go to my Facebook page Kitty Kaperz, like the page, then pm me your cat tale along with a pic or two.  The story can be funny/interesting/about their life.. anything you like.  Your tale will be considered for my Sunday Showcase and if it is chosen, it will be published one Sunday along with the pics on my FB page and on the website.  Each chosen cat tale will be entered into the draw to win a $100 voucher to spend here in my store.  The winner will be drawn just prior to Christmas. Follow this link to my Facebook page.

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