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Cat Tales – Sunday Showcase – Lynette Floyd and Lily

We all love our kitties and sometimes cats can do some really cute and funny things. Things that we love to tell our friends about. Things that make us smile and laugh. Now I’ve heard quite a few cat tales from customers and fellow kitty devotees over the years. So I’ve decided to feature a cat tale each week. We all need a little something to smile about because that’s all too rare nowadays.

This week’s cat tale about Lily is told by Lynette Floyd .. Just a warning, this tale is a sad one, so grab a tissue or two.

Sadly I have an entrant in your competition today, as we lost our gorgeous Lily to HCM. I was moved to write this in memory of her.

Cat Tale Lily

She earned the nickname “Lily-copter” as her purr was loud, insistent and incessant, like the blades of a chopper. You only had to speak her name and the engine would fire up.

She was more human than cat in a lot of ways. Certainly she was more at home with the people in our house than her three gorgeous step siblings, often giving them a look of “what on earth are you doing?!” from her position on high. Despite this, she earned the unrequited love of Charlie, who would run from anywhere he happened to be when he heard her purr, to headbutt her and be swatted away.

She was our heart cat. Sadly, her heart was not all it should have been, and so today she took a piece of ours with her forever.

Love you Lil x

Submit your story

You can submit a cat tale to be considered for our Sunday showcase.  Just go to my Facebook page Kitty Kaperz, like the page, then pm me your cat tale along with a pic or two.  The story can be funny/interesting/about their life.. anything you like.  Your tale will be considered for my Sunday Showcase and if it is chosen, it will be published one Sunday along with the pics on my FB page and on the website.  Each chosen cat tale will be entered into the draw to win a $100 voucher to spend here in my store.  The winner will be drawn just prior to Christmas. Follow this link to my Facebook page.

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