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Cat Tales – Sunday Showcase – Julie Matthews and Arlo

We all love our kitties and sometimes cats can do some really cute and funny things.  Things that we love to tell our friends about. Things that make us smile and laugh.  I’ve heard quite a few cat tales from customers and fellow kitty devotees over the years. So I’ve decided to feature a cat tale each week.  We all need a little something to smile about. That’s all too rare nowadays.

This week’s cat tale is Arlo told by Julie Matthews

This is Arlo aka Bob Marley one of Kerry Mackie (Jipsiglenn Ragdolls) babies. 

Arlo's Cat Tale

Everyone told me “get a ragdoll they are so dog like”.  I didn’t believe it until Arlo came along.

At 14 weeks when he arrived to me the very first day he lay beside me in my bed and immediately started purring away. He followed me every where from room to room. He soon learnt to chase a ball and return it to me, drop it at my feet and wait for me to throw it again! I had to video him as people wouldn’t believe me.

Arlo is now 2 years old he still brings back his toys, follows me everywhere, he will tap my leg with his paw and run to the cupboard when he wants something. He loves cheezels!!! He is very spoiled and he fills my heart with love. So yes I do now agree Ragdolls are so dog like in their behaviours!

Submit your story

You can submit a cat tale to be considered for the Sunday showcase.  All you need to do is go to my Facebook page Kitty Kaperz, like the page, then pm me your cat tale along with a pic or two.  It can be funny/interesting/about their life.. anything you like.  The story will be considered for my Sunday Showcase and if chosen will be published one Sunday along with the pics on the FB page and on here.  Each chosen cat tale will be entered into the draw to win a $100 voucher to spend here in my store.  The winner will be drawn just prior to Christmas. Here’s the link to my Facebook page

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