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A Cat Collar – choosing the right one for your kitty.

Many people love to buy their furry friend a present and one of the first things they’ll think of getting them is a cat collar. It’s a way of showing ownership, a form of decoration and an expression of the persons’ individuality.

There is also a more practical reason that many buy collars.. especially if their cat goes outdoors, and that is to allow the provision for attaching a bell (or two) to make it more difficult for their friend to catch the wildlife and also to allow the addition of a tag for easy identification if the cat is lost or picked up.

Cats are endlessly curious, natural climbers and jumpers and can often find themselves in spots that you wouldn’t even imagine they can get to. I’ve had to rescue my raggies from some interesting places around the house at times and they are strictly indoor only cats.

Trouble is by wearing a collar, it adds an element of danger to a cat’s life that many people don’t think about. Collars can very easily get snagged: on branches, fences, sticks. Even indoor cats face this hazard whilst wearing a collar, furniture, tap handles, plants the list goes on. They can even get their own paws or mouths caught in the collar.

So how do you choose a collar for your cat that is safe?

1. Always choose a collar that has a safety release

Keisha in her cat collar

2. Never choose a collar that has lots of dangling charms etc on it.  A too blingy collar could be the death of your cat if they get it caught on something.

3. Make sure that your cat’s collar is a comfortable width and weight for them to wear.  A too heavy collar can affect their balance when jumping and climbing. One that is too wide can affect their neck and shoulder movement.  Your cat should be comfortable with the collar on.

4. Choose a collar that has a bell.  The bell will alert the wildlife that puss is on the prowl. It will also let you know where your cat is if it is dark.

Finally it is important that the collar you choose is a comfortable fit.  Make sure that there is enough room when fastened, for you to fit two fingers underneath it.

With these criteria in mind, you will still be able to find a beautiful collar to suit your kitty.  If you are stuck for ideas, have a look in our collar section.  All of the collars have been especially chosen to be the right type for your cat.

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